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      ZheJiang HaiYue Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. is an innovative company driven by science and technology, with a major focus on research and development of lead-acid battery automation equipment. Nowadays, as the strongest full-service supplier for the domestic lead-acid battery industry, we provide fully automatic intelligent production solutions, which offer a high degree production efficiency and reliabilityOur guiding principles are Technology, Innovation, Professionalism and Win-Win Customer-Oriented Solutions.

      Our Company was established in April 2009, located in ChangXing County Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, covers a total area of 56,000 square meters, with building area of 73,000 square meters. There are 350 highly skilled employees, including 99 people dedicated solely to R & D and management. We have the largest and most capable lead acid battery equipment R& D and manufacturing facility in China.

      Innovation and advanced technology influence every aspect of value chain of HaiYue. In 2011, HaiYue was awarded the honorary title of “National High-Tech Enterprise”, and was named as one of the “Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprises”. Through a long series of honors and awards obtained, we have become a valued enterprise by all sectors of community. As of the end of 2015, we have obtained 170 patents for our products, of which 49 are invention patents, 96 are utility model patents and 25 are appearance patents. Currently there are an additional 40 patents pending, including 20 invention patents.

      Due to the advanced technology and superior after-sales service, the marketshare of our product has now reached upwards of 80%. We have more than 200 customers at present, including TIANNENG GROUP 、CHILWEE GROUP 、NARADA、LEOCH、Japan GS、YUASA and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.

      We established ZheJiang Hijoy Robot Co., Ltd in 2016, through a strategic cooperation agreement with Japan’s KAWASAKI Group and Taiwan DELTA, to jointly develop the Universal Robot applications for the lead-acid battery industry.

      As a result of our company’s outstanding performance over the past years and favorable rating by investors, we successfully concluded the strategic investment from the Fortune Global 500, ZheJiang ZhongDa Investment Co.,Ltd, and conducted a successful intial public offering on the stock exchange in 2016. HaiYue Share stock Code: 836917.

      Looking into the future, due to our company’s application and promotion of small, medium and large scale of lead acid battery intelligent automated unmanned solutions, we will definitely create enormous positive changes to this industry, and will serve as model for 4th generation production technology in the future. 



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