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    2. Machine

      Small Scale Three Channel Plate Wrapping Machine

      ?Suitable for:Automatic plate-wrapping of small scale batteries

      l  The machine running stably, plate rejection rate is within 0.5; Finished Cells are neat and clean; AGM separator can be transported without damage.

      l  Low Energy consumption, highly environmental protection, negative pressure operation.

      l  Running on real time monitor, with comprehensive fault detection and alarming prompt function.

      l  Compatible with production requirements for batteries with thin negative plate processing.

      • Suitable for:Automatic plate-wrapping of small scale batteries

       Wrapping Speed: 12V12AH, 450-550 pcs / 12V20AH, 600-650 pcs (An additional 1-1.3 seconds are required for an extra unit of negative plate )

       Power Range: AC220V; 50HZ; 1KW(max)

      • Unit air consumption:  0.7m3/min~0.8 m3/min  

      •  External dimension:  L: 1900mm W: 1700mm H: 2100mm 

      • Air required:  compressed air≥0.6 MPa            

      • Height of desk:  700mm

      •  Net weight:  500kgs



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